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How Can Therapy or Coaching Help?

Are you experiencing some of the following challenges:
Struggling with anxiety or depression?
Difficulties standing up for yourself?
Not feeling much confidence or self worth?

As a couple, are you dealing with:
Conflict and trouble communicating? That feeling that you're growing apart?
Not knowing how to hold onto yourself in a relationship?

Find yourself saying "I (or we!) deserve better" ...

Life and realationships can sometimes be painful, and things can feel tough. 
However, life’s pain can often be the necessary CATALYST
for positive growth and empowerment! 

In our work together, growth requires delving into three distinct areas:

PATTERNS Learning what you do, and why you do it.
PROCESS  Accepting and working through emotions.
PRACTICE Applying insight to new behaviors and action.

Whether you are looking for individual therapy to deal with anxiety, depression, or building self-esteem and confidence, or couples counseling to reshape your relationship: together we will garner insight, process emotions, and practice new behaviors. What I offer is unique: part therapist, and part coach. I am passionate about empowering clients through the challenges of life and relationships, as well as helping them get in touch with their authentic confidence and self-esteem, despite struggles with anxiety, depression and feeling stuck in relationships.

You are the expert! I am a fellow traveller that brings knowledge and compassion to help guide you towards your own path of self-discovery, healing, intimacy and change.

Many people encounter challenges with holding on to themselves in the relationships in their lives, and figuring out how to navigate communication, compromise, and conflict. Much of this stems from what we learned in the families we grew up in. While shining a compassionate light on your past family patterns, as well as the current patterns in your adult relationships, the work we do together will also shine a light on the new possibilities in your life. 

No one deserves to have their quality of life be diminished by anxiety and depression, as well as all the energy and struggle it takes to avoid it. Please know, that t
here are skills and tools that can help transform your relationship with with these painful struggles so that you don't get so pushed around by them.

What you learn in therapy and counseling empowers you with tools and a CHOICE:
           keep the old patterns, or …
                     create new, more effective patterns and possibilities!


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"We are the ones 
we have been waiting for ..."

~ June Jordan