Sure, you have your moments where you don't feel confident in your career or in your social circle. But, in general, everything in your life is pretty great except for this one thing: for some reason the romantic relationships in your life just don't work.  In fact, sometimes your relationships make your self esteem so low, you find yourself on your hands and knees, scraping it up off the floor. Which, obviously, tends to affect your professional life and even how you relate to your friends and coworkers.

Yes, you feel like a bona fide adult most of the time, but when it comes to your relationships you feel like a freaking teenager. You get tired of hearing, "why are you STILL dating someone who is so emotionally unavailable?" or "aren't you over him, yet?" And, you wonder, "what is wrong with me?" Maybe if I was more attractive, less needy, if I could just make them understand how great they are, THEN, they would want to be with me, then, I could make my relationship work. Then, maybe, my confidence wouldn't be in the toilet.

On the other hand, you just want to be done with the sadness, and the crying, and the Debbie Downer crap. Move on from the heartache. But, the emotions are always there, just beneath the surface, and you feel like you're drowning all of the time. All you want to do is move on, break up, and, finally, find someone who will be good to you. Someone who will give you the relationship that you deserve. 

Well, as unsexy as it sounds, what you really deserve is a relationship with yourself. You can get down to some good, hard work on numero uno. Crazy, but you can actually learn how to do that!  Instead of serial monogamy with the same person, but just a different head, you can go on a relationship hiatus. A self love sabbatical, of sorts. The truth is, you owe it to your beautiful, authentic self. And your authentic, beautiful self will intuitively lead you to a healthy relationship. 

Now, wouldn't that be something.